Form Registration SIGNA 5th Gen

Be Igniters and Let’s Shine Together

SIGNA 5th Generation Open Recruitment

Take your own passion as:

  • Editor
  • Web Master
  • Reporter
  • Photographer
  • Advertisement and Promotion

Fill the form in and follow our glorious training. Write down foe each special moment, be igniters and let’s shine together with us.

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Jadilah Pemicu dan Mari Bersinar Bersama

Rekrutmen Terbuka SIGNA Generasi ke 5

Untuk menjadi:

  • Editor
  • Web Master
  • Reporter
  • Fotografer
  • Iklan dan Promosi

Isi formulir pendaftaran (form registration) dan ikuti training yang disediakan.

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Form Registration – Click Here

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